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More difficult than simply employing competent personnel and giving them instructions is ensuring that the business is operating properly and efficiently. The key is creating a community in the workplace where your employees feel empowered to take ownership of their job and make decisions that will benefit the firm as a whole. Having an amazing workforce to support and carry out your business’ aims will only get you so far.Here are some common errors that managers make that have a severe negative impact on the attitudes of their staff:
avoiding making a personal introduction. Making an effort to establish a personal connection with each team member will help them to feel less like mere employees and more like valuable members of your company. I’m not suggesting that you go out for drinks at happy hour, just ask them about their hobbies and interests. You can gain their trust and their allegiance by finding a shared interest in them and their concerns.

refusing to take accountability. I have observed that many managers fail to take responsibility for projects that fail and goals that are not accomplished. What didn’t I do to assure the project’s successful completion? are excellent questions to ask. What kind of assistance may I have provided to my staff that would have avoided this outcome? Was there anything I could have done to alter the outcome? Then, speak up about your role in the missed milestone or deliverable — your staff will respect you for it.

calling out workers in front of others. Publicly criticising someone’s work in front of their coworkers is one of the quickest ways to discourage innovation and foster hostility in a team. This is a degrading conduct that will probably make other employees feel uneasy about the employee, instil dread in the workplace, and discourage other employees from “stepping up.”

their employment being under danger. Failure anxiety is something that may easily consume your employees’ thoughts and have a significant negative impact on the job they create. This dread will develop if their jobs are threatened. Employees that live in continual fear of losing their employment will either leave the organisation in search of greater security or they won’t be able to take risks, adopt new ideas at work, or express their creativity. Deal with it if one of your employees makes a mistake that needs to be corrected! However, assist the employee in developing a strategy for improvement in a private setting.Establish your limits while making it clear that you are there to help the team member as he develops an improvement action plan.

being inaccessible. Making oneself available is one of the most important ways to guarantee that your staff members are content, at ease, and empowered to assist the business in achieving its objectives. Workers who lack the confidence to ask questions, seek for further direction, and explore ideas and thoughts frequently generate work that falls short of your standards.

Many managers don’t understand that you need your team members in order to achieve your objectives. Furthermore, your team is a direct reflection of your leadership style and abilities. Making minor adjustments to your management approach can make a big difference in ensuring that staff morale is good and the work being done is of the best calibre.

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